Yes Honerable Minister


MP Richard Parakrama has a few busy days in Parliament and he is staying in Colombo at the Cinnamon Great. Mrs Parakrama who also accompanies his is out getting some retail therapy. While unknown to his wife Richard is masterminding a secret rendezvous with Jennifer Almeida a secretary from the Ministry of Finance, with whom he is having a passionate interlude. Things start to go wrong when he asks his timid personal secretary George Palliyaguru to book the room next to his suite for him and Jennifer.

A nosy member of the Opposition is staying at the same hotel and starts to get suspicious when she finds George reacting violently to her, together with a nosy waiter and an inefficient chamber maid and a no nonsense hotel manager as well as Jennifer's husband on the scene, George is at his wits end to keep the different parties apart and to keep them from discovering his bosses secret. Into the picture arrives Mrs Parakrama who is made to believe that George in enamoured by her and tries to seduce him, a situation which leave George terrified!


Indu Dharmasena as Richard Parakrama
Neidra Williams as Pamela Parakrama
Charith De Silva as George Palliyaguru
Mario De Soysa as Hotel Manager
Miranga Ariyaratne as Rupasinghe
Sanwada Abeysirigunawardena as Jennifer Almeida
Niren Neydorf as The Receptionist
Manjula Almeida as Mark Cross
Kamani Koralage as Chamber Maid
Neluka Silva as Member of the Opposition