12 Days of Christmas


Towards the latter part of 2011 Silent Hands was approached by an Event Management Company to come up with an innovative set of skits for an brand new department store; Cotton Collection which hoped to open for Christmas. The brief we were given was that the entertainment should be short, entertaining but accommodate limited shop flow space. Something that would engage the harried Christmas shopper but not inconvenience him.

We decided on a few musical excerpts from our production of 'Christmas Carol', which had gone on the boards at the Lionel Wendt just one year back. Luckily we had most of the cast at hand and most of the costumes. Together with these excerpts we also planned a few funny skits based on: The Three Kings and the ever popular "12 Days of Christmas" song. From 'Christmas Carol' we performed: A Place Called Home(Dmitri & Anoj), Stars(Lauren & Anoj),God Bless Us Everyone (Kanishka with Chorus), Link by Link (Jehan & the Ghosts), Christmas Together (ensemble cast).

This enterprise was well received with shoppers asking both us and the store when our next performance would be. This production also put silent Hands firmly on the map both as innovative entertainers as well as event performers. .


Kanishka Herat - Scrooge
Jehan Bastians - Marley / ghost of Christmas present / gentleman about town
Neidra Williams - Narrator
Dmitri Gunatilake - Belle
Lauren Williams Bastians - Fan / Elf
Michelle Herft as Jennifer Almeida
Mathew Williams Bastians - ghost / Elf
Avishka - Santa Clause
Sashini Wakwella - Mrs. Clause'
Sulo Perera - Elf / lady about town
Javin Thomas - Ghost of Christmas Future
Stephan Anoj - young Eberneeser / one of three kings
Naresh Anthony - ghost / man about town / one of three kings
Iranga Wickramasinghe - man about town / one of three kings
Lehan Thomas - ghost / man about town