Yes Hon. Minister! 2012


Deputy Minister Richard Parakrama is staying a few days at a well-known Colombo Hotel and is attempting to seduce a secretary of a well-known member of parliament. He recruits the services of his Personal Private Secretary - George Palliyaguru to help him set up the rendezvous. But George soon finds himself being seduced by the Deputy Minster's wife (Mrs. Parakrama) in an adjoining hotel room. Together with an inquisitive waiter, a humourless Hotel Manager and an Opposition MP staying at the same hotel, George manages to confuse everyone including himself as to whether he is Dr Christmas, Mr. Easter, a quack from Nuwara Eliya or all of the above.


Jehan Bastians as Richard Parakrama
Neidra Williams as Pamela Parakrama
Charith De Silva as George Palliyaguru
Sashini Wakwella as Hotel Manager
Avishka De Alwis as Rupasinghe
Michelle Herft as Jennifer Almeida
Naresh Anthony as The Receptionist
Eshantha De Andrado as Mangala Almeida
Rashmi Fernando as The Chamber Maid
Sulochana Perera as Member of the Opposition
Iranga Mendis Wickramasinghe Understudy to George Palliyaguru
Stephan Anoj Understudy to Eshantha De Andrado