The Legend of Excalibur


A long time ere time began a sword is forged by powerful forces, a sword that would give ultimate power and sovereignty to one person to rule England. Merlin the wizard is made caretaker, to keep the sword until the next ruler is to be king. Over time Merlin himself makes mistakes choosing wrong rulers over and over again; the last mistake - Uther Pendragon who lusts for another's wife – Egraine. Their union of sin results in Arthur Pendragon and finally Merlin recognizes England's chosen lord. Unknown to Arthur Egraine's daughter and so half sister to Arthur, Morgan Le Fay poisoned by hatred towards Arthur, plots to gain the sword and so the throne of England, a place of power she had enjoyed while Uther Pendragon lived. Morgan uses the one weapon available to her, Arthur's weakness for women, and by seducing young Arthur another child is born in sin - Mordred - a boy destined to kill his own father. Tutored by Morgan his hatred of Arthur soon outgrows that of his mother.

Meanwhile Geineveire, daughter to Arthur's friend arrives in Camelot to wed Arthur, accompanied by Sir Lancelot the most trusted and loved knight of Arthur's round table. The marriage is a courtly one with great regard and respect by both for each other. The queen though hides a dark secret which she keeps even from herself, she has fallen in love with Lancelot. Now a new excitement runs through Camelot, a heavenly sign has come to the knights to seek the holy grail and one by one the knights gather together for this holy quest. But Arthur's enemies are not too far away, joining forces to defeat Arthur. As Arthur watches his knights depart with some trepidation Lancelot also decides to join the quest. Arthur desperate to hold back his one true knight he loves well, begs Genevire to speak to Lancelot asking him to stay back and forget the quest. The queen agrees but in the conversation Lancelot and Guenevire's true feelings for each other are revealed. A secret that Morgan and Mordred gets to know and uses as their ultimate weapon to destroy Arthur as they joins forces with Arthur's enemies to win back the sword, and so power over England.


Mohamed Adamaly as King Arthur
Neidra Williams as Morgan Le Fay
Mario De Soyza as Sir Lancelot
Charith De Silva as Sir Mordred
Shanuki De Alwis as Lady Guinevere
Prasad Pereira as Merlin
Shawn Jesudasan as The Narrator
Kris Martynstein as Sir Kay
Dinesh as Sir Gawaine
Dushan as Sir Bedevere
Rukshan as Sir Percival
Gishan as Sir Lavaine
Mahesh as Sir Agravaine
Kevin as Sir Dagonet
Gishan as Young Arthur
Natalie Blacker as Lady of the Lake
Jinashri as Elaine