Move Over Mrs Markham By Ray Cooney & John Chapman


Philip Markham and his partner Henry Lodge have set up a not-so-successful publishing business 'Lodge, Lodge and Markham' in London. Philip is the editor while Henry is the marketing brains of the company. It is no surprise that the company is struggling since Henry is busy chasing pretty girls and so has very little time to chase behind authors. Henry who is the senior partner has installed Philip and his wife Joanna In the penthouse above the publishing office with the ulterior motive of using the Markham's flat for a "quick slap and tickle".

But Henry Lodge does not count on the persistent interior decorator who is valiantly pursuing the au-pair while his own wife, Linda (who is thoroughly neglected by him) coming to the same conclusion regarding the use of the Markham's flat. The entrance of Olive Harriet Smythe, the author of the No 1 best-seller Bow Wow books which feature Peter Pooch, Big Woofer and Little Woofer adds much to the confusion.

Henry with hitherto unseen telephone operator, Linda Lodge with her old toy boy Walter, Alistair the Decorator with Sylvie the au-pair end up on the same bed in one night. Throw in Joana Mrakham who is having a tiff with Philip and you've got one and a half hours of non-stop, side splitting laughter.


Jerome De Silva as Alistair Spenlow
Neidra Williams as Joana Markham
Miranga Ariyaratne as Philip Markham
Jehan Bastians as Henry Lodge
Sulochana Perera as Olive Harriet Smythe
Minosh Joachim as Miss Wilkinson
Roshni Guneratne as Sylvie, the au-pair
Bimsara Premaratne as Linda Lodge
Milinda Mendis as Walter Strauss