Leading Ladies By Ken Ludwig


Two Shakespearean actors, Leo Coonghe and Jack Silva, down on their luck and scraping rock bottom see the opportunity to enact the roles of their lifetimes. Florence Wewalpanawa, A millionaire heiress living in Ward Place, Colombo 7 is looking for her two long lost nieces, Stephanine and Maxine to legally transfer her estate to along with 1/3rd of it going to her other niece, Meg Wewalpanawa. Upon hearing that Florence hadn't been able to contact her nieces for more than 30 years, Leo and Jack pounce on the opportunity (Leo with full gusto and Jack not so willingly) to get their hands on 100 million rupees each.

Dressing up as women isn't something Leo and Jack do everyday. And the presence of Meg and Audrey in the same household and in the same room as them complicates things. Leo falls head over heels in love with Meg but cannot profess his love since he is playing the role of Maxine. Same is the case with Jack who is playing the role of Stephanie and is head over heals in love with Audrey, a frequent visitor to the house. Meanwhile Doctor Banagala, who had twice pronounced Florence Wewalpanawa as dead sees an opportunity for an ungainly conquest in Stephanie and Rev. Elapatha, Meg's husband-to-be smells a rat with the entrance of Maxine and Stephanie after 30 years, just when the estate is about to be divided.


Neidra Williams (Florence Wewalpanawa - The millionaire heiress)
Gehan Blok (Leo Coonghe / Maxine)
Miranga Ariyaratne (Jack Silva / Stephanie)
Bimsara Premaratne (Meg Wewalpanawa - The niece of the millionaire heiress and Leo Coonghe's love interest)
Chinthaka Fernando (Rev. Duncan Elapatha - The local pastor and Meg's fiancé)
Dmitri Gunetilake (Audrey - The waitress at Tastee Bites and Jack Silva's love interest)
Kanishka Herath (Doctor Banagala)
Ivan Saverus (Ivan Banagala (Doctor Banagala's son)
Trionne De Jong ('The Chief Leopard' and the Gangsta)
Naresh Anthony ('Leopard Frank', Heckler, Gangsta)