Tom, Dick and Harry (2015 Production)


Tom and his wife Linda are about to adopt a baby. Tom’s brothers Dick and Harry are anxious to help make a good impression on the woman from the adoption agency (Mrs. Potter), who has arrived to check on the home and lifestyle of the prospective parents.

Unfortunately Dick, who has stashed boxes of smuggled brandy and cigarettes in the house, and Harry, who is in possession of a cadaver he is planning to sell illegally to a medical school, fail miserably.

Added to this are two illegal (Sri Lankan) refugees seeking a lost family member and a suspicious policeman. Mrs. Potter is aghast - and the illegal refugees who do not speak English are no help at all!


Neidra Williams - as Mrs. Potter
Viran Corea - as Constable Downs
Mahesh Senaratne - as Tom Kerwood
Iranga Mendis Wickramasinghe - as Dick Kerwood
Naresh Anthony - as Andare the refugee
Charith Fernando - as Harry Kerwood
Christina Van Cuylenburg - as Linda Kerwood
Minuri Rambukwella - as Tikiri Kumari the other refugee
Roshane Jayampathy - as Suraj Kahatagasdigiliya


Directors: Neidra Williams + Jehan Bastians
Producer: Naresh Anthony
Sounds: Shayen Yatagama
Lights: Javin Thomas

Together with:

Trinushka Perera
Ruben Nrr
Haneef Zarook
Ranjika Perera
Fabian Ananth
Lauren Williams-Bastians
Mathew Williams-Bastians