Boeing Boeing


Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti is a hilarious farce about Bernard Lawrence, a British playboy who carries on three affairs with three air hostesses of three different airlines without them knowing about each other. He has their arrivals and departures mapped out with such precision in his time tables that no two girls can come home to his London flat to be with him at any given time. Reluctantly helping Bernard is his acerbic-tongued, efficient but slightly tired live-in maid, Bertha, who has to manage three sets of photographs, clothing (two of which are always locked up) and bed linen, and has to remember that it is Janet who eats kidneys, Judith who eats Sauerkraut and Jacqueline who eats souffl├ęs. The ideal bachelor life. Or is it?

The arrival of an old acquaintance, Robert Long, at his London flat marks the beginning of what could be a chaotic ending to his playboy life. With no accommodation in London, Bernard asks Robert to stay with him till he finds a suitable dwelling. But Robert's excitable and panicky demeanor coupled with his cunning, amorous and slightly air headed attitude messes up Bernard's carefully laid out love-life and hangs his romances, dignity and mere existence in grave danger.

To make matters worse, Bernard finds out that all his three girlfriends are about to be transferred to new Boeing airplanes which are faster and more efficient, resulting in them having more time on their hands to spend with Bernard at his London flat. This throws Bernard's timetables into shambles and chaos enters when Bernard tries to do the impossible: avoiding awkward and dangerous confrontations between his three girlfriends.


Neidra Williams as Bertha the Housekeeper
Gehan Blok and Niren Neydorf as Bernard Lawrance
Charith De Silva as Robert Long
Michelle Herft as Judith
Celina Cramer as Jacqueline
Keshia Leitch as Janet