A Midsummer Nights Dream


The action begins at the noble court of Theseus, the reigning Duke, who is preparing to marry Hyppolita the queen of Amazons. Meanwhile Egues a nobleman of the court, comes before the Duke to complain about his daughter Hermia, who has refused to marry her father's choice Demetrius, preferring Lysander. To complicate matters Helena, Hermia's best friend is in love with Demetrius. Hermia and Lysander decide to elope with Demetrius and Helena in pursuit. Across town a band of labourers led by the carpenter Peter Quince together with Bottom and others congregate to prepare the play they are to perform at the Duke's wedding. They agree to meet in the woods the following night, Midsummer's Eve to rehearse.

But Midsummer's Eve is also a time of celebration for the faeries who make the woods their home. The faeries ruled by Oberon and Titania are at odds with each over a young child. To triumph over the queen, Oberon orders his servant Puck to use a magic flower: dropped into the eyes the juice of the flower causes the victim to fall in love with the first one he or she sees. The Puck drops the juice at all the wrong times causing complete confusion between the two sets of lovers, while Titania falls in love with Bottom whose head has been turned into an ass's head by Puck.


Gavin Godlieb as Theseus, Duke of Athens
Jinasri as Hyppolita Amazon Queen
Chris Martynstyn as Egeus, father to Hermia
Jehan Bastians as Lysander Hermia's lover
Ian Van Hoff as Demetrius promised to Hermia
Natalie Soysa as Hermia in love with Lysander
Neidra Williams as Helena in love with Demetrius
Charith de Silva as Philostrate master of revels
Mahesh Seneviratne as Peter Quince carpenter
Jerome de Silva as Nick Bottom weaver
Eric as Francis Flute bellows-mender
Dinesh as Tom Snout tinker
Jerome Ziegler as Snug joiner
Mario de Soyza as Oberon king of the faeries
Shanuki de Alwis as Titania queen of the faeries
Charith de Silva as Puck serving Oberon
Kevin Joseph as Main Faerie to Titania
Himali as Lady in waiting to Hyppolita