Tom, Dick and Harry


The play is about three brothers who seem to be unable to stay out of trouble, which is not a good idea when one of them is being evaluated as a prospective father by an adoption agency. Tom has grown up and moved on and is ready to take on life but Dick his brother is still up to his old tricks smuggling cigarettes and brandy to make a quick buck. While the youngest of the brothers Harry is planning to use a cadaver he nicked from the morgue to get into the real-estate business. The sister-in-law from hell Linda does all she can to keep the brothers under control but they always seem to be one step ahead of her.

Rupasinghe the waiter from the Cinnamon Grand who has landed illegally in England is trying to find his wife who is said to be living somewhere in London. He meets up with Dick who is pretty keen on helping them as he takes a fancy to Rupasinghe's daughter who accompanies her father to Ole Blighty.

Together with no nonsense Mrs Potter a persistent copper the play is a guarantee of 2 hours of non-stop laughter


Neidra Williams as Mrs Potter
Niren Neydorf as Tom Kerwood
Gehan Blok as Dick Kerwood
Anush de Costa as Harry Kerwood
Miranga Ariyaratne as Rupasinghe the illegal immigrant
Sashini Wakwella as Linda Kerwood
Sulo Perera as Rupasinghe's Daughter
Javin Thomas as The Gangster
Charith De Silva as The Copper